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Chloe WalkerQ: Why did you join Tahirih?
A: After earning my law degree and master’s in social work, I joined a private law firm where I was active in the pro bono program. After three years, I realized that I was most passionate about my pro bono cases and that I needed to be on the front-lines fighting injustice. I joined Tahirih because they are at the forefront of the movement to end gender-based violence, walking side by side with survivors on their immigration journey and beyond.

Q: Share a highlight from your service at Tahirih?
A: I’ve only been at Tahirih for three months, but in that time I’ve been able to see the impact of accepting new cases and bringing hope to a woman in need. My job is a new position at Tahirih and is generously funded by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation, Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault grant.  That means that every case I have taken in the past three months is a survivor of sexual assault whom we may have had to turn away if not for the increased capacity. With the grant also comes a network of organizations all over the state of Texas who represent survivors of sexual assault which equates to assurance that when our clients face additional legal barriers, such as  custody disputes, workplace discrimination, or home foreclosure, their needs will be met.

Q: How has your work at Tahirih impacted you?
A: I have experienced a flood of emotions since I began working at Tahirih. It can be overwhelming to be suddenly entrusted with the stories of our clients. What inspires me to come to work each day is the courage of the women and children who walk through our doors and their ability to embrace the vulnerability it takes to tell their stories with authenticity despite all they have suffered.