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Anusce SanaiTwo years ago, I welcomed my daughter into the world. Her presence in my life surprisingly simplified decision-making. One wish now trumps all others: I want to be a role model for my daughter.

When I had a big career decision to make – should I leave my promising private law practice and enter the nonprofit field – it was actually a no-brainer.

As a family law attorney at the Tahirih Justice Center, I help immigrant survivors of gender-based violence gain access to the legal system. When I left my private practice, I encouraged myself with notions of making an impact on others.

I didn’t know how deeply my clients would impact me. Many of my clients are moms, too. They come from all over the world – and find the courage to flee unthinkable violence, including female genital mutilation, rape, forced marriage, and domestic violence.

Often, they risk everything so that their daughters can live in safety and with dignity.

They embody resilience, strength, and courage — the very attributes I hope my daughter will possess. I have the privilege of standing beside them as they divorce abusers and gain custody of their children.

Every day, I go to work knowing that being a role model for my daughter is not just a wish. It’s a reality, thanks to the courageous women that remind me every day of my path and my potential as an attorney and as a mother.

— Anusce Sanai, Tahirih Family Law Attorney

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