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This article was originally published on September 23, 2014.

Today, Tahirih Justice Center is thrilled to announce that, in 2013, the value of donated pro bono services reached nearly $13 million, a 23% increase from the previous year and a historic record. Because Tahirih’s cash budget is approximately $3 million, this means that we quintuple our resources by leveraging volunteers and pro bono attorneys.

Tahirih now turns every $1 donated into $5 dollars of impact.

Tahirih has an extensive network of pro bono attorneys, physicians, translators, psychologists, PR professionals, and others who voluntarily provide critical services for its clients and the organization as a whole. Without their dedicated high-quality services, Tahirih wouldn’t have been able to serve nearly 1,400 individuals fleeing from violence in 2013.

In particular, Tahirih’s Pro Bono Network of attorneys is an invaluable asset. Tahirih partners with attorneys from the nation’s top law firms who donate their time and expertise to provide legal representation to immigrant women and girls rejecting forms of gender-based violence, such as rape, female genital mutilation, domestic violence, human trafficking, honor crimes, and forced marriage. As of today, this innovative Network includes more than 1,500 attorneys from approximately 200 law firms.

Donated professional services are a vital resource for Tahirih, and they maximize the number of women and girls to whom the organization can provide services. Many of Tahirih’s cases are complex and often require a substantial investment of both time and financial resources. Pro-bono partners make this possible.

By taking on Tahirih cases, pro bono partners are not only helping immigrant women and girls access justice, but they are also gaining experience in new realms of immigration law. Kathleen Weir, a Senior Associate at Baker Botts, says, “I have been inspired and humbled by witnessing our clients’ strength and resolve. I have grown as a lawyer by teaming with the excellent professionals that comprise Tahirih.”