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Dear Friends,

Since 1997, the Tahirih Justice Center has answered more than 22,000 pleas for help by women and girls rebuilding their lives in the wake of violence.

Each of those brave women and girls go on to stop the cycle of violence in their families, and in their communities, and this incredible transformation is thanks to supporters like you!

With your help, in 2016 alone, we:

  • Provided free legal services to 1,314 immigrant women and girls and 1,202 of their family members
  • Connected 715 clients and family members with vital social services including emergency shelter, food and clothing, and healthcare
  • Marshaled an army of 1,976 attorneys in our Pro Bono Network to leverage donated resources and maximize our capacity, turning every $1 donated to Tahirih into $4 of impact
  • Trained and educated 11,662 frontline professionals, including attorneys, police, judges, doctors, and community leaders—a 31% increase from 2015

We invite you to read our full 2016 Impact Report to learn about all that we accomplished together, on a local and national level.

Download the 2016 Impact Report

As we look forward to accomplishing even more in 2017, it is clear that we are at a pivotal point in human history. The world refugee crisis is the largest it has been since World War II, and our own country is deeply divided. But no matter what our beliefs, we all know that humanity is handicapped by violence against women and girls.

Thank you for coming together. Thank you for unifying. Thank you for helping us create a tapestry of love, inclusion, and peace.

With gratitude,

Layli Miller-MuroLayli Miller-Muro
CEO and Founder
Tahirih Justice Center

Read the full report


“The world of humanity has two wings: one is women and the other men. Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly.” — Bahá’í Writings