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Dear Friend,

Layli Miller-Muro

Layli Miller-Muro

At Tahirih Justice Center, we stand in sympathy with the people of Paris, Beirut and other parts of the world also suffering from senseless acts of violence. We send our deepest condolences, prayers, and healing thoughts to the families who lost sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, and other loved ones.

We are in pain, alongside much of the world, because of the suffering of so many.

We are living at a time when some, who follow extreme and radical beliefs, are inflicting great terror on many.

This is a test for humankind.

It is a test of our humanity, our capacity to recognize the victim from the persecutor, our willingness to unite as a global community to collectively ensure justice, and our ability to forgive. All people deserve to live in safety and with dignity. Too many do not.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented refugee crisis, led by mothers seeking protection for their children and freedom from violence. Right now, there are more refugees fleeing violence and persecution than at any time since World War II. During this time of global pain, it is vital that we show compassion to people who are have been displaced by terror and turmoil.

We must remain steadfast in our compassion for those who are suffering, while we demand justice for those who have been wronged.

We are deeply disheartened at the rise in anti-immigrant and refugee sentiment in the wake of the vicious attacks in Paris and Beirut and are working to combat it.

We continue our non-partisan, bridge-building advocacy in Washington, DC with government agencies and elected officials to ensure that America’s laws reflect our values and are advocating for compassionate and well-structured protection for refugees and asylum seekers.

Please help us.

Please join us and contribute to our work to protect refugee women and children fleeing violence through legal and social services, policy advocacy, and education, by making a donation today. Thank you for your critically-needed support at this pivotal moment in history.

With gratitude,

Layli Miller-Muro

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Executive Director
Tahirih Justice Center

P.S. Please look for my letter to your home and other emails over the next few weeks that will ask you to step into the shoes of a refugee mother who needed our help to save her child from violence.