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The Tahirih Justice Center’s Forced Marriage Initiative is thrilled to announce the release of thirteen new reports on forced marriage overseas, which have been added to the Interactive Country Map at These resources, which detail the country conditions that may impact someone at risk of being forced into a marriage overseas, were developed by Mayer Brown and Caterpillar Inc., in partnership with Tahirih.

Forced marriages that are threatened or happen abroad can put victims in especially challenging and often dangerous situations, especially if identity documents like passports are confiscated. It can be very difficult to access help, escape the situation, or return to the United States once overseas. Mayer Brown and Caterpillar’s groundbreaking country memos provide Tahirih clients and other individuals at risk with critical information about the potential risks of marriage overseas and how to seek safety at the click of a button.

Tahirih is deeply grateful to Mayer Brown and Caterpillar for their tireless commitment to this research, which is already having a life-saving impact for U.S. women and girls facing forced marriage overseas.

To view the Forced Marriage Initiative’s Interactive Country Map with the addition of thirteen new country memos, visit