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To our Tahirih Friends and Family,

Over the past few years, our country has experienced shocks to its justice system. We’ve seen unprecedented attacks on legal protections for immigrant survivors of gender-based violence and watched as hundreds of children were ripped from their parents’ arms during the family separation crisis in 2018. We’ve witnessed threats to detain children for indefinite periods of time, a policy forcing asylum seekers to stay in Mexico in dangerous living conditions while their cases are decided, and even more regulations and restrictions which further narrow the pathway to asylum.

It is understandable to feel fatigued from the abundance of information we receive every day that deeply concerns us about the state of our country. As waves of policies repeatedly attack asylum seekers from various directions, it is possible to become numb to the gravity of the situation before us.

But, we must not allow the dehumanization of asylum seekers to become normalized. 

Detaining children is unacceptable. Separating families is unacceptable. Failing to follow US humanitarian law and due process is unacceptable. Creating a brick wall of policies shutting out asylum seekers from receiving the protections to which they are entitled is unacceptable. Discussion of immigration policy in racist terms and harmful rhetoric in unacceptable.

Each of us has a significant part to play to ensure that as a nation, we do not settle for inhumane treatment of those courageously coming to our door in search of safety and freedom. Here are a few steps you can take to join the fight:

  • Make a donation to Tahirih, which helps women and girls fleeing gender-based violence and advocates on their behalf in communities, courts, and Congress.
  • Follow Tahirih on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on breaking news and ways to get involved.
  • Download our Digital Toolkit featuring graphics, social media posts, emails, and talking points to use the power of your voice and your social network to increase awareness, raise funds, and motivate your friends and family to join Team Tahirih.
  • Contact your Senators and Representative to express your concern for asylum seekers fleeing gender-based violence. You can find your congressperson’s contact information here, and use the following script if it helps you: “Hello. My name is _______ and I live in (City, State). I am calling to ask Senator/Representative ________ to oppose family detention, the harmful treatment of asylum seekers at the border, and the enforcement of unjust regulations that limit access to asylum. Thank you.”

Finally, promote the oneness of humanity as if your life depends on it just as the survival of those desperate to be free from violence depend on it. We are all one humanity. To remember and perpetuate this message, we will quickly mobilize to provide care, compassion, and find a just solution to this crisis.

In solidarity,

Layli Miller-Muro
Tahirih CEO and Founder