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Dear Friends,

As we settle into the holiday season, I find myself reflecting on the past year. I think first of my family and friends, my faith, and the dedicated staff, pro bono volunteers and supporters of the Tahirih Justice Center, for which I am grateful.

But then, my mind quickly goes to those who are not so lucky. This year, so many have endured so much. People have suffered hurricanes, fires, violent racist clashes, sexual harassment, rape, and threats of deportation.

There is so much injustice and fear, it’s easy to feel helpless. But we are not. We must remember that small actions can have an incredible impact. One act of justice can influence entire lives and communities. We may feel powerless to make a difference in the world, but we are powerful, each and every one of us.

Earlier this fall we told you about Olga, a woman who, after years of abuse right here in the U.S., had all but given up hope. Reaching out for help and safety seemed impossible and it took everything she had to find the courage to go to the police. And that was ten years ago, when women like her didn’t have to worry that by seeking protection from the police, they might end up in detention themselves … or worse.

Now, survivors like Olga who left violence and fear in their origin countries must worry about what they’ll face once they get here.

At Tahirih, we know that we have much work to do to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to live in safety and with dignity. To live without fear. And we are committed.

Currently we are able to serve only 1 in every 10 women and girls who come to us for help. With your support, we will do more.

As I look ahead, I dream big about the impact our Tahirih family can – and will – have on the lives of thousands of women and girls who come to us on their journey to freedom.

I hope you will join me in reaffirming your commitment to our shared vision by making a tax-deductible year-end contribution to the Tahirih Justice Center.

It is our time to act. It is our task to face the fear. And beat it. That will be our legacy.

With gratitude,


Layli Miller-Muro
CEO & Founder