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Layli Miller Muro 240Dear Friends,

The recent election outcome reflected a country deeply divided. Throughout America, on both sides, there is anger and dissension, distrust and fear. But I have faith that this moment is an opportunity to deeply examine ourselves and to address underlying ailments.

Growth does not usually come in a state of ease, and the dramatic events of the last 24 hours can only signal a tremendous opportunity for learning and progress. I pray we will soon grow more unified and understand that we are all one human family, interconnected in our mutual well-being, our futures intertwined.

At the Tahirih Justice Center, we are facing questions as to what the recent election will mean for our immigrant clients and our advocacy. We know that we have much work to do to ensure justice, in accordance with United States and international legal obligations, for women fleeing violence and for immigrants seeking refuge. Tahirih’s distinct, non-partisan approach to advocacy will serve as a critical asset as we work to maintain and enhance protections for immigrant women and girls.

Every single one of us must engage, now. We must promote mutual understanding and dialogue; love and forgiveness; justice and hope. We are particularly grateful for your partnership during this pivotal moment in American history.

Tahirih staff gathered in each of its offices today to reflect, renew and strengthen our commitment to fight for justice for women and girls fleeing violence.

In the photo below, taken the day after the results were announced, we are locking arms in solidarity with our clients and with you – thank you for being with us on this journey.

Tahirih staff in solidarity

With gratitude,
Layli's Signature