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Our Bighearted Attorneys Campaign ends Friday Oct. 30!

It’s your last chance to give to the Bighearted Attorneys Campaign and help courageous women and girls fleeing unthinkable violence. We need your help now more than ever to keep the phones answered and the doors open. Thousands of immigrant women and girls in Baltimore and Greater DC are relying on us. Please donate now!

Donate Now Heart

No gift is too small to change the world for girls like Mariam who survived a hellish ordeal and, with Tahirih’s help, rebuilt her life and is fulfilling her dream of graduating college.

Donate by Friday and be entered to win:

Salamander Resort Prize

The salamander is one of the only animals that can walk through fire and come out alive — a distinct characteristic that reminds us of the strength and resilience of the brave women and girls that Tahirih helps.

With your help we can save the lives of so many more! Please show these girls your big heart and give the gift of hope today.