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This article was originally published in Bethesda Magazine on September 01, 2015. You can access the original article here:

Most people wouldn’t associate Montgomery County, Maryland with human trafficking.

But it’s happening — in massage parlors, nice hotels, even a town house in Rockville. Morgan Weibel, Director of Tahirih Baltimore, talked to Bethesda Magazine about problematic gaps in services for victims for an article in the September/October Issue, “Hidden Among Us.”

Weibel and other experts said one of the biggest challenges for victims of sex and labor trafficking is finding the resources they need to rebuild their lives, including temporary shelter and pro bono legal services.

“We need to support our traditional shelters so they can become more comfortable housing trafficking victims,” Weibel said.

Tahirih Justice Center takes a holistic approach to protecting survivors of trafficking and other violent crimes by providing a range of free legal services and access to critical medical and social services to immigrant women and girls.

You can find the full story on local newsstands, or access a digital copy here.