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Tahirih’s development team builds meaningful relationships with advocates and connects with supporters to educate them about the impact of our work. Their support and resources enable us to provide free legal and social services to immigrant communities and survivors of violence. Among those leading these efforts at Tahirih is our Atlanta Development Associate, Sophie Leveille.

Prior to learning about Tahirih, Sophie served as an instructor and Creative Arts Director at the Otis Redding Foundation, a music education nonprofit in Macon, Georgia. Combining her interests in music and activism, she has lived, taught, and conducted research in Cape Town, South Africa on the effectiveness of songwriting and music programs on resettled youth to promote unity and expression. Sophie is a graduate from Mercer University and currently is a 2020 Association of Fundraising Professionals Diversity Fellow.

With her current background, Sophie wanted to transition to a career that focused in human rights advocacy. She came across the Tahirih Justice Center and found herself with an opportunity to harness her experience in activism and grow within an organization that shares the same values and mission.

I appreciate the way Tahirih prioritizes uplifting the voices of staff to make changes and have a hand  in decision-making processes. Many of the conversations and consultations we have challenge me to dive deeper into topics I haven’t before, and I feel my ideas are valued

As a Development Associate, Sophie tackles a wide range of tasks that support the organization’s growth and impact. With her expertise and knowledge of the organization, Sophie cultivates and stewards relationships with stakeholders and donors by sparking conversations about issues of the world that inspire others to make an impact.

Some days, I’ll be focused on researching prospective grants and donors, others I will be planning engagement and outreach events, and there are many times I would, pre-coronavirus, network and meet with people in person. I love that, in my position, no day looks the same. I’m constantly thinking strategically and creatively to reach our goals and solve problems

For Sophie, it is a privilege to showcase Tahirih’s work. Seeing the light in people’s eyes and how moved they are by Tahirih’s work inspires her to keep moving forward.

When that newfound passion for our work translates to giving or further engagement, I find it extremely rewarding

Outside of work, Sophie is constantly finding new ways to build her talents to help and support people in her own community. Besides being passionate about her role as a Development Associate, Sophie serves as part of Tahirih’s GRACE Taskforce.

Being a part of this taskforce has ignited my passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work and conversations within the workplace. Though DEI work is challenging at times, I find it refreshing that these efforts are elevated and prioritized within our organization. I hope that these initiatives will continue to take root in our day to day activities

Sophie firmly believes in Tahirih’s potential to build the gap in services for immigrant survivors of gender-based violence and is proud to be part of one of the very few organizations that fall in this niche.

Our impact is tremendous, and I think that’s why we can garner so much support for our work year after year. We are elevating the voices of our clients and are very mindful in our approach which is essential in this type of work