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Donald Trump's Ghost Writer Tells All
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This article was originally published in The New Yorker on July 18, 2016. You can access the original article here:

The New Yorker featured an article about Tony Schwartz, who wrote Donald Trump’s 1987 best-selling memoir “The Art of the Deal,” revealing that the ghost author has decided to donate all of his 2016 royalties to Tahirih Justice Center and several other human rights-focused non-profit organizations as a way to support vulnerable communities.

Tahirih Justice Center remains non-partisan and does not publicly support or denounce any candidate or political party, but we are grateful for any financial assistance to help women and girls fleeing human rights abuses.

During this political season, Tahirih is working diligently to bring the issues facing immigrant women and girls to light. We continue to strive to ensure that candidates and lawmakers alike center the needs of our courageous clients and other women and girls like them in ongoing dialogue about violence against women and immigration policy.

Read the full article here.