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June is typically a time when many families celebrate an important milestone – graduation.

At Tahirih, we’re honored to celebrate alongside several clients who graduated from high school this year amid other challenges, such as seeking immigration status, managing language barriers, navigating hostile systems, and fighting for their freedom from violence.

Katherine and Vedangna, two clients in Atlanta, recently received their high school diplomas.


I recognize that earning my high school diploma is a great accomplishment. When I arrived in the U.S. from Honduras about two years ago, I did not understand any English. I am proud that this year, I was able to successfully graduate with honors, all during a pandemic and while caring for my four-month-old child. I’m proud of getting my diploma not only for myself but for my son’s future as well. I look forward to being able to confidently help him with his homework someday. I hope to continue my studies and earn a cosmetology license or real estate license.


The journey was difficult but I’m grateful for everything I’ve done. Being an immigrant and coming into a new country and a new education system was difficult. I think that if I had known more about the system, I would have been more successful and accomplished more during my high school years. I’m confident I would have been a valedictorian. But I am very grateful because I have had the opportunity that others in other countries don’t.

I’m ready to work hard and be a strong woman because it is time for women to rise. In the future I just want to help people around the world by promoting education. You can give people food once but education will help them for a lifetime. For me, graduation was a proud moment. I’m the first one in my family to graduate, so it was something big. My mom is also proud.

Congratulations to Katherine, Vedangna, and all of Tahirih’s clients who celebrated a graduation this year!