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Yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a legal decision that has devastating implications for the Tahirih Justice Center’s clients. By overturning previous legal precedent and attempting to change long-settled U.S. policy, he is trying to deny asylum to women seeking protection from domestic violence, and has reached even further to place doubt on the ability of women to receive protection from any form of persecution inflicted by individuals not acting on behalf of the government.

This means that women and girls who cannot get justice in their own countries, who have fled for their lives, and who are relying on the U.S.’s adherence to international legal standards, could be sent back to face abuse and death. It means that women like Aracely, who have suffered years of torture, rape, and abuse, who have been left for dead, could be sent back to face execution.

This decision cuts at our core mission. It flagrantly defies fundamental principles of justice and contradicts international refugee law. And, it may put in danger thousands of courageous women who are standing against abuse, demanding justice, and insisting on a life free from violence.

Our fight is just beginning. We are calling on Attorney General Sessions to revoke his decision. We are preparing to litigate and to appeal on behalf of each and every one of our current and prospective clients. And we are demanding that Congress act to hold Attorney General Sessions accountable. Please join us as we fight for justice.

There are several ways you can take action today:

  • DONATE NOW to help us build our army of legal advocates so that we can ensure a justice system that protects women and girls from violence.
  • SIGN OUR PETITION telling Attorney General Sessions that you stand with survivors of violence, now all the more critical.
  • CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES to express your concern for asylum seekers fleeing gender-based violence. You can find your congressperson’s contact information here, and use the following script if it helps you:“Hello. My name is _______ and I live in _______(City, State). I am calling to ask Senator/Representative ________ to stand up for immigrant women and girls fleeing domestic violence by seeking revocation of Attorney General Session’s decision in the Matter of A-B. Thank you.”

Thank you for your support.

Archi Pyati
Chief of Policy