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This article was originally published on July 30, 2009.

I am happy to announce that our 2008 audit is complete and the final numbers are in. Last year, we received over $6.5 million in donated professional legal and other services. This is a 35% increase over 2007 and 91% growth in donated pro bono legal services over two years. To give perspective, our cash receipts in 2008 were $1.6 million. So, these numbers reflect the fact that we turn every $1 donated into $5 of value.

We know that now, more than ever, nonprofits need to stretch every dollar’s impact to serve more disadvantaged people with fewer resources. We have seen our financial support decrease and have tightened our belts to do more with less. We are making deliberate efforts to make sure that our resources are maximized by:

      1. Increasing operational efficiency over time;
      2. Strategically assessing and improving our programs through the rigorous application of metrics; and
      3. Leveraging donated professional services to multiply our cash resources.

    In order to ensure that our work is efficient and leverages both the financial and non-financial support of others, we recently conducted an “investment value” analysis. We invite you to visit Annual Reports and Financial Statements page for more information.

    We are happy to report that with limited financial resources, in 2008, we:

    • Assisted 901 women and children through direct services or referrals
    • Litigated 558 separate legal matters, which consisted of 345 new and continued immigration and family law cases
    • Provided holistic social and medical service referrals to 132 clients
    • Engaged in national and local public policy advocacy to ensure systemic long-term protection of women and girls
    • Provided 80 trainings or presentations to educate police officers, judges, prosecutors, legislators, service providers, and advocates
    • Raised public awareness by appearing in over 15 media outlets

    We simply couldn’t do this without the generous commitment of over 100 law firms and over 700 pro bono attorneys, as well as the pro bono medical providers, with whom we partner. Thank you to all of the heroic volunteers and donors who make our work possible.

    As we face tough economic times, we are particularly grateful for any amount you are able to give to support our work. Please know that your investment in us will be used wisely.

    Warm regards,

    Layli's Signature

    Layli Miller-Muro
    Founder and Executive Director