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A new chapter at Tahirih
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I’m writing to you today as Tahirih’s new Chief Executive Officer. I’m humbled by the opportunity to serve such dedicated, passionate, and talented colleagues, and excited to lead this incredible organization into its next chapter.

I began my career working with immigrants and refugees nearly 20 years ago. Over time, I have had the privilege of serving people from around the world who believed that in the United States they would find a safe and stable future.

Sadly, what many found here instead was a system that treated them unfairly and a society that made them feel unwelcome. Because of laws and policies that perpetuate inequities, my clients and others like them faced poverty and a lack of resources, making them more likely to experience additional gender-based violence and exploitation.

Seven years ago, I came to Tahirih to raise my megaphone and advocate for policy changes that could help survivors access safety and justice. Along the way, I have learned what a truly special place Tahirih is, grounded in Baha’i-inspired values, focused on providing our clients the services they need to heal, pressing for bold policy change, and dedicated to our own continuous improvement. In the coming years, we will sustain and build on these key aspects of our work.

I invite you to take a few minutes to watch this video and learn more.

As we embark on this next chapter, I’m grateful to our founder, Layli Miller-Muro, who will be staying on as a special advisor through the end of the year and then serving as an advisory council member, and to our Board for ensuring a smooth leadership transition.

Now, let’s get to work. I know you join me in believing deeply in Tahirih’s mission. So let’s work together to build a world where everyone can live free from violence.