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How YOU can support HER!

Did you know? March 8 is International Women’s Day – a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and, even more importantly, a day that calls us to action to accelerate gender equality! This year’s theme is “an equal world is an enabled world” which focuses on ‘collective individualism’ wherein our individual actions, conversations, behaviors, and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society and create a gender-equal world.

At Tahirih, our mission is to support immigrant survivors of gender-based violence on their journey to safety and justice. Through our holistic approach to service, which includes free legal and social services, bridge-building policy advocacy, and research-based training and education, we proudly walk alongside survivors and advocates who are paving the way for a gender-equal society.

And we hope you’ll join us. On this International Women’s Day, Tahirih invites you to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations, and celebrate women’s achievements. Here’s how:

  1. Amplify women’s voices. Throughout history, we have witnessed rooms where decisions are being made not have a single woman present. And yet, having a seat and voice at the table is the first step in being seen, feeling heard, and making real change. At Tahirih, we amplify survivors’ voices in communities, courts, and Congress to bring real stories, full journeys, and incredible triumphs to rooms where decisions are being made. And you can do the same. Create space for women – at work, at home, in public. Listen to women. Believe women. Encourage all women to share their experiences and amplify their voices!
  2. Empower women to succeed. Tahirih’s social services help HER find the daily resources she needs (housing, health care) as she pursues her justice in the legal system. From public benefits and employment services to addressing physical needs, such as mental and emotional well-being – the list goes on. Join and support us in promoting safety & well-being for all!
  3. Support the education of women. By educating a woman, you educate a family, by educating a girl, you educate the future! Mentor and deliver the life skills that allow women and girls to become leaders, creative thinkers, engage in citizenship and gain skills that can reduce their risk of gender-based violence. Through our volunteer donation drives an in-kind gifts, Tahirih provides the materials and tools needed to pursue an education for HER! Shop for a purpose and help HER obtain the tools for success.
  4. Champion women’s achievements. Like Daniela, who said “no more” after enduring two decades of physical and sexual abuse and took the stand to testify in court for her asylum. Like Aicha, who was trafficked up and down the east coast for years and now speaks publicly to share her story and the stories of others. Like Mariam, who with the help of her mom, escaped a dark, locked room after eight months caged inside and will soon graduate from college with a degree in agribusiness. At Tahirih, our five offices with over 100 staff across the country are motivated by the resilience and heroism of survivors like Daniela, Aicha, and Mariam. We work every day to help create a world where all women may dream of and achieve for a bright future. With your support, HER achievements will transform HER world and the world of others. Join us in sharing stories and celebrating champions.
  5. Reinvent the perception of women. Another way to empower HER is by shutting down the negative perspective on women in society. Re-shaping women’s potential and viewing them as strong and equal individuals whether it might be standing up for one or for yourself. At Tahirih, we are aware of the unique challenges and risks our clients take when they flee violence. Through our education and training programs, we raise awareness and inspire front-line professionals, communities and others to support HER – not as a victim, but as a survivor! Learn more or request a speaker in your community!
  6. Ensure women’s safety. Through Tahirih’s services such as the Forced Marriage Initiative, we stand up for HER rights by working to end practices like forced and child marriage. Tahirih is currently one of the leading advocates to end child marriage in states across the country. With your help, we are building a national movement to protect the rights of anyone facing domestic violence, supporting collaborations across communities, and opening space for dialogue among diverse voices. Help us continue to ensure HER safety and rights by ending practices that endanger women. Join our national network.
  7. Strengthen women’s access to justice. Dedicate and donate your professional talents to those who need it the most. From the local to the national levels, greater participation of women in the justice sectors challenges the rule of law that often rules women out. At Tahirih, we leverage partnerships with more than 2,500 pro bono attorneys nationwide to multiply our ability to support and achieve justice for survivors of violence on their journey. Help build HER a bridge to justice and join us today!
  8. Promote women’s equality. At Tahirih, we believe ending gender-based violence is essential to achieving the social, economic, cultural, & political equality that International Women’s Day strives for. Today and every day, we hope you will challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, and improve situations. And what better way to get started than by rocking that message with Tahirih gear? Visit our Marketplace to show your friends and family that “Courage is Contagious”, “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights”, and “Not Until We Reach Full Equality Will We All Soar”.