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Browse our publications to learn more about how we support immigrant survivors of gender-based violence through service in communities, courts, and Congress.

  • Tahirih Opposes Dangerously Amended NC Senate Bill on Child Marriage

    • Publication Date: April 28, 2021
    • Publication Categories: Statements

    The Tahirih Justice Center opposes amendments to Senate Bill 35 (S35), a bill that was originally intended to increase North Carolina’s age floor to marry and protect girls and young women from the harms of child marriage. After substantial revisions by Senate leadership, the bill in its current form falls far short of progress and will continue to put children in North Carolina, and increasingly neighboring states, at risk of exploitation under the guise of marriage and other devastating lifelong harms.

  • FAQs: Adding “Gender” as a Sixth Ground of Asylum

    Learn more about adding “gender” as a sixth ground of asylum.

  • 2020 Impact Report

    Download our Impact Report for a snapshot of what we accomplished together in 2020!

  • Tahirih Statement on the Administration’s Asylum Overhaul

    • Publication Date: April 01, 2021
    • Publication Categories: Statements

    The administration is considering an overhaul of the asylum system at the U.S. southern border, which includes moving some asylum cases from the purview of the immigration courts within the Department of Justice to the Department of Homeland Security to speed up case processing. As the administration continues to respond to challenges at the border, Tahirih urges the government to center immigrant survivors’ due process rights and take steps to change several policies in place that will immediately help survivors of violence, while improving case processing.

  • Proposed Amendment to the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) to Add “Gender” as a 6th Ground of Asylum

    To ensure equal and enduring access to asylum for survivors of gender-based violence, the U.S. must add “gender” as a sixth ground of asylum.

  • Countries with Asylum/Refugee Laws That Explicitly Protect those Fleeing Gender-Based Persecution

    More and more countries have enacted legislation explicitly strengthening protections for survivors, including adding a sixth ground of asylum for “sex” or “gender” as we propose now.

  • Tahirih Statement on Challenges at the U.S Southern Border

    • Publication Date: March 22, 2021
    • Publication Categories: Statements

    Tahirih calls on the administration to prioritize policies that secure justice and safety for immigrant survivors of violence. This starts with repealing Title 42, which the previous and current administrations continue to use to illegally expel adults and children with their families seeking asylum—leaving them vulnerable to further violence and trauma.