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The nation’s highest immigration court, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), recently issued a disturbing decision (Matter of A-T-) denying an asylum request from a young woman who was subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) as a child and who fears a forced marriage if she is returned to Mali. Tahirih is already feeling the consequences of this unjust decision in our own cases, and we need your help to put gender-based asylum law back on track.

Please urge your Senator today to endorse this bipartisan “sign-on” letter asking the Attorney General to review the flawed legal decision in Matter of A-T-, which threatens to leave women and girls fleeing gender-based persecution without protection.

We are advocating with other organizations and a broad spectrum of political allies to reverse this decision and to reaffirm the availability of protection in the United States for women and girls fleeing violent human rights abuses. In March, we held a congressional briefing to draw attention to Matter of A-T- and other alarming legal decisions that signal dangerous steps backward in gender-based asylum law in the United States.

Do Something!

Please email or call your Senator today. The deadline on this bipartisan sign-on letter is this Friday, April 25, 2008.