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The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) would have a powerful impact on the suffering of millions of women worldwide who face horrific abuses such as rape, domestic violence, forced marriage, human trafficking, and female genital mutilation. This bi-partisan legislation would direct the U.S. government to create a coordinated, comprehensive, and concerted strategy to reduce global violence against women and girls.

I-VAWA would streamline and better coordinate existing U.S. government programs to end gender-based violence and would make addressing this human rights abuse a cornerstone of U.S. development and foreign policy. The bill does not require the appropriation of additional funding because its focus is on strengthening existing programs.

Importantly, I-VAWA recognizes that social norms need to change so that gender-based violence is not acceptable, and it would support activities that raise awareness of the issue. Through I-VAWA, the United States would also have a greater ability to work with and support other countries to one day end discrimination and violence against women and girls.

I-VAWA was first introduced in 2007 during the 110th Congress and has been reintroduced each year since. The time for Congress to act on this critical measure is past due!

Do Something!

Please urge your representatives to support I-VAWA.