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Fundraising Stories

They Gathered Under the Sun

Empowering Women FundraiserA group of friends came to together and hosted a fundraiser in Miami on a sunny afternoon. First, they asked corporations to sponsor their fundraiser. Then, they asked event guests to donate in lieu of an entrance fee. A singer entertained and a presentation provided information about Tahirih’s lifesaving mission. Together, they raised more than $30,000!

She Had an “Un-Birthday”

Homa's FundraiserHoma dedicated her birthday to women and girls in need. She threw a party for herself with lots of friends and delicious food. In lieu of gifts to her, she asked her friends and family to make a donation to Tahirih Justice Center.

Homa told her birthday guests about the epidemic of violence against women and girls and Tahirih’s efficient, effective, and innovative approach to protecting those most at risk of violence in the United States.

She raised more than $15,000!

She Hit the Pavement

Sarah_Running for GoodSarah knew she wanted to make a difference for women in need. So, she searched for a charity online and found Tahirih Justice Center. The non-profit’s unique focus on vulnerable women whose lives could be transformed through legal services resonated with her, and Sarah decided to run a half-marathon to raise $1,300 for Tahirih. Sarah started a fundraising web page and reached out to her friends and family for donations. “I am running hard and am excited to reach both my fundraising and running goals,” Sarah told Tahirih.

They Rallied Their Co-Workers

Tony MiraAnesthesia Business Consultants is one of the largest companies in the world that specializes in the practice of anesthesia and pain management. Now, it’s also a contributor in the fight to end the most pressing global rights issue of our time — violence against women. It all started with the dedication of one employee, Susan. She rallied her co-workers to raise vital funds for Tahirih, and she asked her CEO, Tony, to make a matching corporate donation. Anesthesia employees independently raised $10,288.77. The company matched their hard work, cent-for-cent, raising a total of $20,577.54 for courageous women and girls!

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