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Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan Provides Inspirational and Meaningful Words at Tahirih’s Benefit:


“We come together tonight to say in one voice that the unspeakable reality that up to seven of ten women in some nations report having been physically assaulted by an intimate male partner at some point in their lives is an abomination. The reality that as many as three out of four female murder victims across the world are killed by their husbands or male friends is an abomination.

The reality that women, particularly married women, are amongst the fastest growing new number of cases of HIV, because girls in many places have no say over their bodies is an abomination.

And the reality that many courageous women are still forced to flee with their children from female genital mutilation is an abomination.

We also come here to say with one voice that women’s rights are not special rights. Women’s rights are human rights!”

Join Us and Help End Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence against women and girls is still a cruel global reality. This violence affects us all, women and men alike, in every corner of the world. It will not end overnight. It may not end in our lifetimes. It will, however, end when enough people come together to fight it. We invite you to join us in our efforts to overcome gender-based violence and to achieve justice for women and girls fleeing violence.

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Many distinguished public figures and human rights activists support the efforts of the Tahirih Justice Center to provide justice, including Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Senator Jim Webb, Senator Sam Brownback, Congressman James Moran, Congressman Frank Wolf, and actors Rainn Wilson, Debra Winger, and Sam Waterston.

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The people who power the Tahirih Justice Center — clients, board members, donors, pro bono attorneys, staff, volunteers, and other vital partners — tell you why they support Tahirih.

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