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Publications Archive

Publication Category: General Resources
  • Social Impact Exchange Business Plan

    By scaling geographically, Tahirih Justice Center will bring our skills and programs to new communities: providing thorough services to more women and girls, while simultaneously enhancing the professional and social services delivered by partner organizations through training and education.

  • Strategic Map for Growth

    Learn more about Tahirih’s strategic plan to serve more women and girls by 2017.

  • Photo Essay: In Their Own Words

    Meet five of our courageous clients in this stunning photo essay from Steve Jeter and Bittersweet Zine.

  • Do They Hear You When You Cry

    A true story of persecution, friendship, and ultimate triumph, the book “Do They Hear You When You Cry” chronicles the struggles of two extraordinary women: Fauziya Kassindja, who fled her African homeland to escape female genital mutilation only to be locked up in American prisons for 16 months; and Layli Miller Bashir, a driven young law student who fought for Fauziya’s freedom. Click here to order a copy of the book online.

  • Immigrant Power and Control Wheel

    A helpful diagram in understanding the tactics used by an abuser to establish and maintain control over his immigrant victim.

  • Power and Control Wheel

    • Publication Date: January 01, 1984
    • Author: Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
    • Publisher: National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
    • Publication Categories: Fact Sheets, General Resources
    • Publication Tags: Domestic Violence

    A helpful diagram in understanding the overall pattern of abusive and violent behaviors used by a batterer to establish and maintain control over his partner.