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Publication Category: General Resources
  • 2018 Impact Report

    With your help, in 2018 we:

    • Provided free legal services to 3,492 immigrant women and girls and their family members
    • Connected 633 clients and their family members with vital social services, including emergency shelter, food and clothing, and healthcare
    • Marshaled an army of 2,569 professionals from 474 top law firms and fortune 500 companies in our Pro Bono Network to leverage donated resources and maximize our capacity

    Read our full Impact Report for a snapshot of what we accomplished together!

  • Order Granting Preliminary Injunction Against Migration Protection Protocols

    District Court Judge Richard Seeborg of the Northern District of California ordered a preliminary injunction in the lawsuit challenging the Migration Protection Protocols, bringing the policy forcing asylum seekers to return to Mexico to a halt.

  • Stories of Survival: The Violence Against Women Act

    This compilation of stories from clients of the Tahirih Justice Center who have received legal protection through the Violence Against Women Act highlights its importance and the life-line it provides to survivors of violence.

  • Webinar: Policy Update – The Latest on Asylum for Survivors of Violence

    In this webinar from Alliance for Immigrant Survivors, Tahirih Chief of Policy, Archi Pyati, provides an update on recent asylum policy changes.

  • Policy Advocacy to End Child Marriage in the U.S.

    The Tahirih Justice Center is proud to help lead the campaign to end child marriage across the nation, working with survivor advocates to change antiquated state laws that fail to protect children from abuse and coercion. This document provides an overview of state legislative reforms made to date, and progress still needed.

    *This was last updated on July 1, 2019. For more updated materials, please visit www.tahirih.org/childmarriage.

  • Matter of A-B-: Attempts to Subvert Asylum Law and Dismiss Domestic Violence As a Private Affair

    In response to the recent legal decision seeking to deny asylum to survivors of domestic violence, Tahirih SF Bay Area Executive Director, Morgan Weibel, encourages immigration adjudicators and U.S. courts of appeals to interpret Matter of A-B- narrowly and continue to analyze domestic violence claims on a case-by-case basis.

  • Brief Analysis of USCIS Policy Guidance Implementing Decision in Matter of A-B-

    The Tahirih Justice Center analyzes recent policy guidance issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that implements the Attorney General’s decision in Matter of A-B-. The guidance closely tracks the AG’s decision, but also appears to heighten the standard for how officers should exercise discretion to grant or deny cases.