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Publication Category: General Resources
  • Survivor-Centered Legal Writing: A Brief Guide

    Legal writing is a craft defined by strict expectations and parameters, and all litigators must generally adhere to those expectations. If we do not do so, we serve our clients poorly. But in some cases, the need to center the survivor, to center the humanity of all involved in the story, and to navigate the charged context of immigration proceedings requires nuanced departures from standard legal writing. This legal writing guide provides principles for communication that emphasizes the humanity of immigrant survivors and every person in a client’s story.

  • Who We Are and Gender-Based Violence Factsheet

    Learn more about Tahirih’s history of supporting survivors and get the facts about gender-based violence.

  • Fundraising Toolkit

    Thank you for partnering with us and making an incredible impact on the lives of women and children seeking freedom from violence. This toolkit is your guide to fundraising success!

  • 2019 Bighearted Campaign Toolkit

    Tahirih’s Bighearted Campaign is an end-of-year challenge for individuals, law firms, and community groups to raise critical funds for women and girls who refuse to be victims of violence. Check out our toolkit to learn how you can get involved!

  • Brief Analysis of Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Customs and Border Protection Families and Care Panel Recommendations

    Tahirih analyzes the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Customs and Border Protection Families and Children Care Panel report which outlines several recommendations regarding care and processing for asylum seeking families and children. Tahirih opposes many of the recommendations for being at odds with standard child protection principles.

  • Administrative and Court Decisions Impacting Immigrant Survivors

    This document from the Alliance for Immigrant Survivors outlines administrative and immigrant court changes that undermine protections for immigrant survivors of violence.

  • May 2019 Advocate Survey: Immigrant Survivors Fear Reporting Violence

    In May 2019, the Tahirih Justice Center and a coalition of national organizations gathered feedback from nearly six hundred advocates and attorneys from across the United States, learning that many immigrant victims of domestic and sexual violence are now too afraid to call the police or go to court to get help. This fact sheet shows the results of the survey.