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Publication Category: Fact Sheets
  • Who We Are and Gender-Based Violence Factsheet

    Learn more about Tahirih’s history of supporting survivors and get the facts about gender-based violence.

  • FAQs: Adding “Gender” as a Sixth Ground of Asylum

    Learn more about adding “gender” as a sixth ground of asylum.

  • Child Marriage Poses Serious Risks to Children

    Child marriage remains a serious problem in present-day America. Since 2000, well over 200,000 minors were married, most of them girls married to adult men. Children lack the rights and resources of adults and are more vulnerable to coercion and predation. As a result, many child marriages are forced marriages, and/or are cover-ups for other abuse and exploitation.

    Marriage before age 18 has devastating, lifelong consequences, including greater vulnerability to sexual and domestic violence, increased medical and mental health problems, higher drop-out rates from high school and college, greater risk of poverty, and up to 80% divorce rates. Read this backgrounder to learn how child marriage, even if by “choice,” denies young people the opportunity to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

    State laws that allow child marriage to persist can ratchet up these risks. To learn more, explore our 50-state statutory compilation and legislative analyses, survivor story compilation, and other resources at tahirih.org/childmarriage.

  • Analysis: The Impact of COVID-19 on Immigrant Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

    • Publication Date: March 23, 2020
    • Author: Tahirih Justice Center
    • Publication Categories: Fact Sheets
    • Publication Tags: COVID-19

    As daily activities ground to a halt in the United States to slow the spread of COVID-19, Americans have been confronted with a range of practical, financial, emotional, and mental health impacts. For immigrant survivors of gender-based violence, many of whom are living with the effects of trauma or coping with ongoing abuse, this is an especially difficult time.

  • Tahirih Explains “Safe Third Country” Rule

    In 2019, the United States signed “safe third country” agreements with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The agreements allow the United States to deny protections to asylum seekers, and remove them to any of these partner countries. A subsequent “safe third country” rule established procedures by which asylum seekers can be removed. In this fact sheet, Tahirih explains this “safe third country” rule, and how its full implementation would effectively end asylum in the United States.

  • Tahirih Info Sheet on U Visa Class Action

    On September 17, 2019, the Tahirih Justice Center and Arnold & Porter filed a class action lawsuit in the Eastern District of New York on behalf of thousands of U-visa petitioners whose requests for work permits known as Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) have never been adjudicated, and who have been forced to wait unreasonable periods of time for the benefits Congress provided in the U-visa program.

  • May 2019 Advocate Survey: Immigrant Survivors Fear Reporting Violence

    In May 2019, the Tahirih Justice Center and a coalition of national organizations gathered feedback from nearly six hundred advocates and attorneys from across the United States, learning that many immigrant victims of domestic and sexual violence are now too afraid to call the police or go to court to get help. This fact sheet shows the results of the survey.