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  • Pro Bono Briefing: Overview and Practice Pointers on the Newest Asylum Ban and Expansion of Expedited Removal

    Update: After recording this briefing, the Supreme Court on September 11, 2019, stayed the Northern District of California’s preliminary injunction blocking implementation of the asylum ban rule, allowing the rule to take effect pending litigation on the merits.

    Tahirih’s Legal and Social Services Director Kursten Phelps and Litigation Counsel Richard Caldarone walk you through the administration’s moves to ban asylum for almost everyone arriving at the southern border, and to expand authority to remove large numbers of people without getting a day in court, what it means for your clients, and strategies for your cases.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.

  • Overview and Tips on USCIS RFE and NTA Memos

    Greater DC Immigration Staff Attorney, Adi Nunez Huang, explains the UCSCIS memos that have been issued in the past year regarding Requests for Evidence and issuance of Notices to Appear on denied affirmative applications, the impact they may have on Tahirih clients, and how to best move forward.

  • Legal Advisory: Recent Attorney General Decision in Matter of Castro-Tum

    Early in 2017, the Attorney General decided to review several long-standing procedural practices at the Immigration Court and the BIA.

    In Matter of Castro-Tum, 27 I&N Dec. 271 (A.G. 2018), the Attorney General reviewed the decades-long practice of administrative closure. He has now ruled that immigration judges lack the authority to administratively close cases, except in certain specific circumstances. This Tahirih Justice Center legal advisory provides guidance to attorneys in light of this decision.

  • Webinar: The Nuts and Bolts of U Visa Filings

    Tahirih Justice Center Senior Staff Attorney Amy Cheung discusses how to show that your client is eligible for a U visa and shares practices pointers for assembling the filing.

  • Sample Change of Address Letter to ICE ERO

    This is a sample letter for communicating a client’s change of address to ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations.

  • Representing Domestic Violence Survivors Who Are Experiencing Trauma and Other Mental Health Challenges

    This handbook was created for the overall purpose of providing guidance to attorneys so that they can help survivors achieve their civil legal objectives when trauma or other mental health challenges are a potential factor in a case.

  • Self Help Guide for U Visa – Spanish

    Determine if your client is eligible for a U Visa, a special protection for victims of serious crimes who assist law enforcement. This guide is in Spanish.