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  • Pro Bono Network Webinar: Policy Updates & Trauma Informed Interviewing Tips, February 24, 2021

    Our goal at the Tahirih Justice Center is to train and educate you with the knowledge and skills to effectively fight alongside immigrant survivors. We seek to build on prior webinar trainings and knowledge to assist you in providing trauma-informed access to safety and justice for your clients.


    This month, we will build on last year’s “Strategies for Declaration Drafting” webinar and dive deeper into trauma-informed interviewing skills for clients during a pandemic. We will provide you with insight on how trauma can impact a survivor of violence and practical interviewing tips to utilize when working with a survivor of violence.


    Please join Tahirih Litigation Counsel, Richard Calderone and the Co-Directors of Client Advocacy, Adriana Lopez and Adilene Nunez Huang to learn about policy updates and the impact of trauma on survivors of violence.

    You can find the recording of the webinar here.

  • Afghan Asylum Screening and The Trauma-Informed Approach

    This training is designed to prepare you to screen AUW Afghan student service seekers for asylum. You have a script to use to conduct the screenings. Rather than review the script in great detail, we will use this time to provide a basic overview of the trauma-informed approach, as we anticipate that these service seekers will be survivors of trauma. As we review the trauma-informed approach, we will weave in examples of how the screening process and script incorporate sensitivity to trauma. We will also address cultural humility in general and provide some cultural background relevant to this service seeker population. With the skills and information you will learn in this training, and the substantive knowledge of the asylum process provided in the previous training, you will be prepared to provide trauma-informed, culturally humble asylum screening for this community.

    You can find the recording of the webinar here.