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  • March 2020 Pro Bono Network Webinar: COVID-19 Updates and Strategies, T Visa Nuts and Bolts

    Tahirih’s Director of Legal and Social Services, Kursten Phelps, provides updates as of March 18, 2020, on the status of immigration agency and Tahirih’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as strategies for implementing trauma-informed lawyering strategies with clients in the context of social distancing or quarantine. Then, Kursten and Litigation Counsel Richard Calderone review the most critical law and policy updates from the last month, including changes to the Immigration Court Practice Manual. Finally, at the 50:27 mark, DOJ Accredited Representative Chelsea Naylor and Immigration Attorney Sasha Bershad walk listeners through the nuts and bolts of human trafficking, T visa eligibility, and practice pointers for successful applications.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.


  • Template Motion to Extend Pre-Hearing Brief Page Limit

    The Immigration Court Practice Manual was updated on February 21, 2020, to impose a 25-page limit on the body of pre-hearing briefs. This template motion may be used to request that an immigration judge on your case permit a higher page limit. Judges are not required to grant these motions, and like any motion, it must comport with the rules of the Immigration Practice Manual.

  • Template Motion for Continuance or to Appear Telephonically and Waive Respondent’s Presence

    This template motion can be used to request a continuance or to request telephonic appearance by counsel and waived appearance by your client for a Master Calendar Hearing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Immigration Judges are not required to grant such motions. Be sure to comply with the Immigration Practice Manual rules on motions, and follow up with the court after filing. If you do not receive a decision from the judge to grant your motion, you and your client are both required to appear in person at the Master Calendar Hearing. If your client’s appearance is not explicitly waived by the judge with an order, they will receive an in absentia removal order if they do not appear for court.

  • February 2020 Pro Bono Webinar: Consular Processing 101, Plus Late-Breaking Updates

    Tahirih’s Director of Legal and Social Services Kursten Phelps and Litigation Counsel Richard Caldarone for a review of late breaking updates on immigration law and policy. Then, at the 32:03 mark, Tahirih Houston Supervising Attorney Samantha Del Bosque delves into the best practices and strategies for consular processing of U and T derivatives.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.

  • Sample Master Calendar Hearing Notice

    This is a sample redacted master immigration court hearing notice.

  • Sample Master Calendar Hearing Talking Points Outline

    Attached is a redacted sample of a Master Calendar Hearing Talking Points Outline.

  • Sample Notice to Appear

    This is a sample redacted notice to appear form.