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  • July 2020 Pro Bono Network Webinar: BIA Appeals Fundamentals, Plus Latest Breaking Updates

    As attorneys representing immigrant survivors seeking asylum in immigration courts, changes in jurisprudence and DHS practice since 2017 have made the likelihood of cases advancing to the Board of Immigration Appeals more likely. For the July 2020 Tahirih Pro Bono Network webinar, former BIA Chair David Neal joins Tahirih Atlanta Senior Attorney Lynn Pearson afor an expert review of the fundamentals of BIA appeals. The first 30 minutes of the webinar, as always, review legal updates relevant to pro bono representation of immigrant survivors, and agency updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.

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  • June 2020 Pro Bono Network Webinar: Supporting Client Safety, Plus Late Breaking Updates

    Join Tahirih Co-Director of Client Advocacy (Legal Services) Kursten Phelps and Litigation Counsel Richard Caldarone for breaking updates on immigration law and policy in the time of COVID-19, as well as an important review of proposed regulations that would eviscerate the asylum system, and how pro bono attorneys can help in advocacy efforts against these harmful proposals. Finally, at the minute 43:04 mark, our speakers walk listeners through a discussion of a lawyer’s role in supporting client safety during representation and basic strategies for incorporating safety planning into representation.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.


  • April 2020 Tahirih Pro Bono Network Webinar: COVID-19 Updates and Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive Advocacy

    In Tahirih’s April 15, 2020 Pro Bono Network Webinar, Tahirih Director of Legal and Social Services Kursten Phelps provides COVID-19 related agency updates and practice tips. Tahirih Litigation Counsel Richard Caldarone reviews recent case law and provides updates on Tahirih impact litigation. At the 39:50 mark, San Francisco Bay Area Pro Bono Network Coordinating Attorney Chriselle Raguro and Social Service Program Manager Alexandra Richardson discuss the intersection of trauma and the migration journey and the added barriers for immigrant survivors of violence. They then turn to best practices for trauma-informed and culturally responsive advocacy for pro bono attorneys.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.


  • A Guide to Adapting Trauma-Informed Lawyering Best Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    This guide provides practical tips and strategies for attorneys to implement trauma-informed principles while balancing public health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, including adaptations for virtual meetings and interviews with clients.

  • December 2019 Pro Bono Briefing and Training: Immigration Court 101, Plus Late-Breaking Updates

    Tahirih Litigation Counsel Richard Caldarone and Director of Legal and Social Services Kursten Phelps review litigation and case law updates related to the treatment of Matter of A-B-, Convention Against Torture eligibility, adverse credibility determination case law, MPP (“Remain in Mexico”) and expedited credible fear process updates along the border, and more.  At the 22:228 mark, Greater DC Managing Attorney Adilene Nuñez Huang walks through critical information you need to know before representing your pro bono client in immigration court.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.

  • Litigating After Matter of A-B-: Model Domestic Violence Asylum Brief

    Tahirih created this model brief to assist pro bono attorneys as they litigate domestic violence asylum cases after Matter of A-B-. This lengthy sample includes citations to multiple circuit courts and arguments for a large number of particular social group formulations, as well as political opinion and religion grounds. Attorneys should use this as a reference tool and use only what is relevant to their client’s case.

  • Webinar: Trauma-Informed Interviewing to Get the Information You Need

    This is the recording of the Tahirih Justice Center’s June 27, 2018 webinar providing attorneys with guidance on trauma-informed interviewing.