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  • Sample BIA Notice of Appeal and Addendum

    This is a sample E-26 BIA Notice of Appeal and addendum stating reasons for appeal. Personally identifying information has been redacted.




  • July 2020 Pro Bono Network Webinar: BIA Appeals Fundamentals, Plus Latest Breaking Updates

    As attorneys representing immigrant survivors seeking asylum in immigration courts, changes in jurisprudence and DHS practice since 2017 have made the likelihood of cases advancing to the Board of Immigration Appeals more likely. For the July 2020 Tahirih Pro Bono Network webinar, former BIA Chair David Neal joins Tahirih Atlanta Senior Attorney Lynn Pearson afor an expert review of the fundamentals of BIA appeals. The first 30 minutes of the webinar, as always, review legal updates relevant to pro bono representation of immigrant survivors, and agency updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    You can access the recorded webinar here.

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  • Filing BIA Appeals: A Guide for Pro Bono Attorneys

    A how-to guide for pro bono attorneys appealing an Immigration Judge decision before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Last updated in July 2020, this guide walks pro bono attorneys through the process from Notice of Appeal to briefing and next steps after a successful or unsuccessful BIA appeal.

  • Upcoming 2020 Pro Bono Webinar Schedule

    Please join us for Tahirih’s upcoming free, non-CLE Pro Bono Network webinars:

    • September 16: Understanding Waivers and Extreme Hardship in Humanitarian Cases – REGISTER
      Now that you know your client is inadmissible, what can you do about it? In this webinar, Tahirih staff will dive into the world of waivers, reviewing which waivers are available for which inadmissibility grounds and case types, and discuss relevant waiver standards, including the extreme hardship standard.
    • October 21: Strategies to Corroborate your Client’s Testimony – REGISTER
      Whether you are seeking to meet your VAWA, T visa or U visa client’s burden on the “any credible evidence standard” or endeavoring to meet the heightened REAL ID Act requirements on credibility and corroboration for your asylum client, corroboration of your client’s facts and testimony is an essential element to a successful claim. Tahirih staff will explore why corroboration matters and identify strategies to successfully corroborate your client’s claim through sources including primary evidence and affidavits from witnesses within the U.S. or abroad.
    • November 18: Immigrant Visa Consular Processing – REGISTER
      Congratulations, you’ve helped your client get their VAWA self-petition or asylum claim approved. Now how do you get their qualifying relatives who are abroad to the U.S.? In this webinar, Tahirih staff will review the basics of immigrant visa and derivative asylee consular processing, including practice pointers to troubleshoot common challenges. Attendees will also be briefed on recent legal and policy updates, as well as Covid-19 related agency updates.
    • December 16: 2020 in Review and Preparing for 2021 – REGISTER
      Join Tahirih experts for a review of the 2020 legal and advocacy landscape and pro bono network work, before turning to a discussion of preparation and predictions for legal advocacy with immigrant survivors in the new year.