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Pro Bono Library Items Archive

Pro Bono Library Category: Cover Letters and Briefs
  • Asylum (Defensive) Brief (Political Opinion, Fourth Circuit)

    This is a sample defensive gender-based asylum brief filed in an immigration court in the Fourth Circuit. The principal claim is based on political opinions.

  • Litigating After Matter of A-B-: Model Domestic Violence Asylum Brief

    Tahirih created this model brief to assist pro bono attorneys as they litigate domestic violence asylum cases after Matter of A-B-. This lengthy sample includes citations to multiple circuit courts and arguments for a large number of particular social group formulations, as well as political opinion and religion grounds. Attorneys should use this as a reference tool and use only what is relevant to their client’s case.

  • Asylum Letter Brief (Unaccompanied Child – UAC)

    • Publication Date: January 23, 2015
    • Source: Tahirih Justice Center Children's Border Project
    • Pro Bono Library Categories: Cover Letters and Briefs
    • Pro Bono Library Tags: Asylum

    This letter is provided as a sample legal analysis in support of an abused child’s application for asylum under U.S. immigration law.

  • Asylum (Affirmative) Letter Brief (Family Violence, Fourth Circuit)

    Use this letter as a template for your own brief on behalf of a client.

  • VAWA Self-Petition (I-360) Cover Letter (Good Moral Character Issue)

  • VAWA Cover Letter for Work Permit Application (I-765) for Approved VAWA Self Petitioner (I-360)

  • U Visa Sample U Visa (I-918) Cover Letter and Exhibit List