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People tagged Staff
  • Alondra Andrade

    August 14th, 2019

    Alondra joined Tahirih in 2020. As the Community Engagement Coordinator, Alondra is responsible for supporting the advancement of local and regional strategies that combat the barriers immigrant survivors face to […]

  • Erika Alvarez

    August 12th, 2019

    Erika joined Tahirih in 2019. As the Office Administrator, Erika provides critical operational and administrative support to the San Francisco office, including day-to-day office administration, development, and financial duties. She […]

  • Sahra Agahi

    August 7th, 2019

    Sahra Agahi joined Tahirih in 2019. As Executive & Development Assistant, Sahra is responsible for providing administrative support to both the Chief Executive Officer and Development & Communications team. Before […]

  • Lubabah Abdullah

    August 2nd, 2019

    Lubabah Abdullah joined Tahirih in 2021 as the Executive Director of the Tahirih Justice Center’s Houston Office. As a long-time attorney, Ms. Abdullah worked at Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for […]

  • Daniella Prieshoff

    July 1st, 2015

    Daniella Prieshoff joined Tahirih in 2016.  As Senior Attorney in the Baltimore office, she advocates for immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-based violence in immigration and domestic relations matters. Prior […]