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Zoe Verni

Zoe Verni joined Tahirih in 2021. As Weil Legal Innovator in the San Francisco Bay Area office, Zoe spearheads the Tech Access Project, which seeks to increase accessibility of legal resources through informational videos, mass text messaging, and other tech interventions. Prior to Tahirih, Zoe was a paralegal at a law firm, where she served on the firm’s all-female task force that collaborated with the New York Governor’s Office to combat the rise in domestic violence during the pandemic. She also managed several pro bono matters representing asylum-seeking clients. Prior to that, Zoe’s internships at the immigration nonprofit Safe Passage Project as well as the New York Attorney General’s Office afforded her experience in both the immigration and gender violence legal spaces. Following Tahirih, Zoe will attend University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School as a Levy Scholar.

“I am inspired by how Tahirih’s approach to serving immigrant survivors is not only multi-pronged, but also survivor-centered and trauma-informed.”

Education: Brown University, BA

Languages: Spanish

Hometown: Mamaroneck, New York