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Tiffany Ross

Tiffany Ross joined Tahirih in 2020. As the Social Service Program Manager, Tiffany overseas and supports clients by connecting them to various social services resources to meet their basic needs of housing, medical care, and mental health services. Prior to joining Tahirih, Tiffany worked with women coming out of the criminal justice system by connecting them to resources and supportive services. Prior to that, she worked within the mental health field educating the community on mental illnesses, women’s mental health, stigma, and connected providers and community members to mental health services.

In 2017, Tiffany was recognized by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and received the Volunteer Service Award.

“I am inspired by Tahirih’s mission of uplifting and empowering girls and women to not only survive but thrive in finding their voice to educate and advocate for equality.”

Education: University of Texas-Austin, MSSW

Hometown: Houston, TX