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Nikki Endsley

Nikki Endsley joined Tahirih in 2019. Nikki’s fellowship focuses on direct representation and community outreach to immigrant women, girls, and LGBTQ individuals in the Bay area. A recent law school graduate, Nikki’s previous positions include working with the Resettlement team at UNHCR, advocating for LBGTQ clients at Whitman-Walker Health, and assisting with the defense of indigent criminal defendants at the Alexandria Public Defender. Nikki has lived, studied, and conducted anthropological research in France and Israel. She has also traveled abroad extensively, including working in refugee camps and detention centers in France, Greece, and on the Southwest U.S. border.

I greatly admire Tahirih’s holistic provision of services, its vision of a gender equity, and its commitment to dignified and compassionate care.

Education: Georgetown Law, JD; Yale University, BA

Languages: French, Elementary Spanish, Elementary Vietnamese

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas