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Natasha Prince

Natasha Prince joined Tahirih in 2021. As an Immigration Attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area office, Natasha provides legal counsel and representation to immigrant women and girls, who are survivors of gender-based violence. Prior to Tahirih, Natasha worked for 7 years as a Regulatory Due Diligence Analyst at Wells Fargo Corporate and Investment Banking handling and advising on risk and compliance issues for derivative trading. While working in the financial industry provided her with invaluable knowledge and expertise, Natasha felt called to be an advocate for women and girls who suffered violence based on their gender.

Preceding Wells Fargo, she worked as an immigration attorney at Fellom and Solorio, a San Francisco based firm that handles a wide spectrum of immigration issues and as a volunteer immigration attorney for Catholic Charities. Natasha was a judicial clerk for the Honorable Justo Arenas of the U.S. District Court of Puerto Rico. She was also a contributing author of Moore’s AnswerGuide: Federal Discovery Practice (2009) and Moore’s AnswerGuide: Federal Civil Motion Practice (2009).

In college and law school, she studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico, Córdoba, Spain, Havana, Cuba, Madrid, Spain, Rhodes, Greece and Thessaloniki, Greece, which instilled in her the love of travel, and learning about different cultures and their history.

“I am passionate about providing a safe space for women and girls to heal and grow and ensuring our clients get the justice and protection that they deserve. “

Education: Northeastern University School of Law, JD; Wellesley College, BA

Languages: Spanish, English

Hometown: Houston, TX