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Katharina Dechert

Katharina Dechert joined Tahirih in 2016. As a Legal Advocate, Katharina conducts pre-screens and intakes with potential clients, provides legal advocacy, organizes legal clinics, and provides administrative support to the legal team. She also assists the Managing Attorney with administering Tahirih’s Pro Bono Network. Prior to Tahirih, Katharina was the Policy Advocacy and Leadership Associate for Asylum Access Ecuador. Before that, she was an intern at the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands and was a Human Rights Accompanier in Guatemala. Katharina has lived in Australia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and in the Netherlands.

“I am inspired by Tahirih’s commitment to empowering immigrant women and girls to reject violence and seek justice so that they can freely rebuild their lives safe from persecution.”

Education: University of Queensland, MIS; Wellesley College, BA

Languages: Spanish

Hometown: Laramie, WY