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Julia Bevan

Julia Bevan joined Tahirih in 2020. As the Weil Legal Innovator Fellow, Julia is conducting a year long research project analyzing the effects of COVID-19 on justice in the immigration system with the ultimate goal of effectively pushing for systemic change. Prior to joining Tahirih, Julia worked as a research assistant for the F&M Global Barometer of Gay Rights (GBGR®). In this position, Julia performed research on the human rights protectiveness of 26 countries and travelled to Serbia to conduct interviews with grassroots activists alongside her faculty advisor. She has been awarded the George W. Wagner Political Science Prize and the Soloman Wank, Ph.D., Memorial Peace and Human Rights Research Award.

“I’m inspired by working towards justice for immigrant survivors by centering and listening to the communities we serve.”

Education: Franklin and Marshall College, BA

Languages: Arabic

Hometown: Strafford, Pennsylvania