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Jessica Howton

Jessica Howton joined Tahirih in 2011. As Managing Attorney for Tahirih Houston, she provides legal representation to clients, particularly minors, mentors pro bono attorneys, oversees the Houston pro bono program, and manages the Houston legal team and its program. Prior to joining Tahirih, Jessica was an intern at Kids in Need of Defense during law school, where she represented unaccompanied migrant children. After law school, she earned a Notre Dame fellowship to serve at Tahirih as a staff attorney. Jessica studied abroad in France, London, and Cameroon. In Cameroon, she worked in protection office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and conducted evaluation missions along the Nigerian border. Jessica currently serves as the co-chair of the Texas Immigration Task Force, where she leads quarterly meetings and presentations on current trends and updates in immigration law.

“I am consistently inspired by my co-workers and the amazing women and children that we serve. It is an honor to work with our clients and help to provide them with the support and strength they deserve as they courageously stand up for their right to live in safety and have access to justice. Our clients are the most resilient women and children I have ever met and the strength, hope, and achievement they show as they fight for their basic human rights is truly amazing.”

Education: Notre Dame Law School, JD; Connecticut College, BA

Languages: Spanish and French

Hometown: Bucaramanga, Colombia