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Giuliana Mattiazzo Pessoa

Giuliana joined Tahirih in 2018. As Social Services Case Worker, Giuliana is responsible for ensuring that all of our clients’ basic needs, such as housing, food, safety, respect and dignity are met. Giuliana, who believes in a client-centered approach, wants to empower Tahirih clients to develop their own capacity for solving their problems and making their own decisions. Prior to joining Tahirih, Giuliana worked in the General Consulate of Brazil in San Francisco, offering consular and social services to the Brazilian community in California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. In Brazil, Giuliana conducted research on suicide among indigenous teenagers.

“I am inspired by Tahirih’s ethical and political approach, and its constant motivation to reflect on its practices and to create a more just worldTahirih aims to build more transparent relationships with its clients and partners based on respect and equality.”

Education: Pontifícia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo (PUC/SP), Brazil, BA

Languages:Portuguese, English and Spanish

Hometown: Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil