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Alondra Andrade

Alondra joined Tahirih in 2020. As the Community Engagement Coordinator, Alondra is responsible for supporting the advancement of local and regional strategies that combat the barriers immigrant survivors face to obtain safety and dignity under the law. Prior to joining Tahirih, she volunteered with Tahirih Houston as a social services volunteer. She has also volunteered with the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights as a child advocate where she ensured that all decisions made on behalf of an immigrant child takes into consideration the child’s best interest. Additionally, she has volunteered as a translator at Casa Juan Diego clinic in Houston. Alondra also worked as the temporary Office Administrator at the Tahirih Houston office in 2019.

“The strength of Tahirih clients is electrifying and I am grateful to be able to join them in their fight for justice. As the daughter of immigrants I feel extremely connected to Houston’s resilient community members and the hardships that accompany being an immigrant in this country.”

Education: University of St. Thomas, BA
Languages: Spanish
Hometown: Houston, Texas