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Baha’i Service Fellowships

As a Bahá’í-inspired organization, we offer year-long Bahá’í Service Fellowships.



The Bahá’í Service Fellowship was created to enable Fellows to engage in service to humanity and learn from the work of a well established, Bahá’í-inspired, non-profit organization. The full-time Fellows who serve in these positions are Bahá’ís who work in a variety of staff roles, helping our clients to achieve justice while also being of service to the local Bahá’í community. While there are many fellowships, internships, and other opportunities to  work at Tahirih in a variety of staff roles, the Bahá’í Service Fellowship is designed for those in a position to also deepen the relationship between the local Bahá’í community and Tahirih.


Fellows receive an annual stipend and housing provided by a local Baha’i host family. Other benefits include fully-paid employee health, vision and dental insurance; a 401(k) defined contribution retirement plan; flexible work schedules; professional development including in-house training programs, staff enrichment retreats and other growth opportunities. Employees have a very generous self-managed leave benefit inclusive of vacation, sick and holidays, including an office closure the week between Christmas and New Year’s. 


Available fellowships and application details can be found here. For more information about our Fellowships, to speak to a current Fellow, or to volunteer to host a Fellow, please contact us at justice@tahirih.org.


In the National, Houston, and Baltimore offices, the Fellowship is named in the honor of Naiyareh Karimimanesh. In the Virginia office, the Fellowship is named in honor of Farshud Farokhzad. Learn more about their inspirational lives below.

The Naiyareh Karimimanesh Memorial Bahá’í Service Fellowship

Nai-300The Naiyareh Karimimanesh Bahá’í Service Fellowship was established in 2014 to honor the memory of Naiyareh Karimimanesh, a young lawyer who passed away in 2007 after a car accident. Naiyareh had a profound impact on those she left behind.

She was an active member of the Bahá’í community, and was passionate about life and the legal profession. After graduating from law school, Nai worked as a research assistant and staff attorney with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia and went on to work as an associate with Sharon Ware & Associates.

Naiyareh Karimimanesh Bahá’í Service Fellowships are awarded annually to three individuals who share Naiyareh’s passion for social justice. Learn more about Naiyareh’s impactful life.

To support this fellowship, please use our general donation form and indicate your gift is intended for the Naiyareh Karimimanesh Bahá’í Service Fellowship in the blank designation field.

The Farshud Farokhzad Memorial Bahá’í Service Fellowship

Farshud_300The Farshud Farokhzad Memorial Bahá’í Service Fellowship was established to honor the memory of Farshud Farokhzad, a beloved member of the Bahá’í community in Northern Virginia who passed away in 2010.

Family and community service were important to 19-year-old Farshud. He traveled to Costa Rica in the summer of 2009 to bring electricity to a remote village. The experience had a profound impact on young Farshud, who was determined to become an engineer and discover new ways to support individuals in need.

The Farshud Farokhzad Memorial Bahá’í Service Fellowship is annually awarded to an individual dedicated to serving humanity.

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