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Tahirih Justice Center works to protect immigrant women and girls seeking justice in the United States from gender-based violence. Tahirih’s innovative and comprehensive approach leverages pro bono resources to provide a combination of legal services, advocacy, and public education programs. Through this coordinated effort, Tahirih seeks to ensure the protection and safety of our clients, as well as their long-term well-being by raising their voices in the public policy arena, informing the public of the unique challenges immigrant survivors of violence face, and, ultimately, creating lasting legal and social change.

The Tahirih Justice Center is an organization fueled by an outpouring of support from concerned individuals throughout the world. Your financial donations will enable us to continue protecting and providing care for vulnerable immigrant women and girls. From one-time donations, to sustaining contributions, to honorary gifts, there are a variety of ways to make a difference.

Protecting Women and Girls Through Holistic Legal Services





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Tahirih provides pro bono legal services in immigration and family law, as well as holistic social case management services to ensure that our clients can truly access justice and become self-sufficient members of our community.

To maximize the number of women and girls we can serve, Tahirih reaches out to top law firms and recruits attorneys who donate their time to represent our clients through Tahirih’s Pro Bono Attorney Network.

Since opening our doors in 1997, through direct services and referrals, Tahirih has assisted over 14,000 women and children fleeing abuse. Even as we handle a high-volume of complex cases, Tahirih maintains a 99 percent success record—a measure of our dedication to excellence and to our clients, as well as to the compelling nature of our clients’ stories. Tahirih provides direct services and referrals in the following areas:

Immigration Law Services | Family Law Services | Holistic Case Management Services

Story of Victory

Fatima’s Story

I always dreamed of the life I could have had, if only my father did not die when I was a baby. Unfortunately, I will never know how things could have been, because after his car accident, my life dramatically changed. Read More

Immigration Law Services:
Gender-Based Asylum:
Tahirih provides pro bono legal representation to women and girls fleeing gender-based violence who have come to the United States after fleeing violence in their home countries such as female genital mutilation, torture, rape, human trafficking, honor crimes, widow rituals, forced marriage, and domestic violence. Building on the landmark case, Matter of Kasinga, Tahirih pioneers the use of the refugee definition to protect women and girls fleeing gender-based persecution to receive asylum in the United States.
Battered Immigrant Women Project:
Tahirih provides pro bono legal representation to immigrant female survivors of domestic violence seeking to access their right to legal status independent of their abuser under the Violence Against Women Act, so that they are not forced to choose between deportation and remaining in the abusive relationship upon which their legal status depends.
Protection for Victims of Trafficking and
Other Crimes:
Pioneering the use of the T and U visas established under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, Tahirih provides pro bono legal representation for immigrant women and girls who have been trafficked to the United States or are victims of other violent crimes and who are willing to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

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Family Law Services:

Tahirih provides urgently needed, culturally sensitive family law services, which include helping our clients with temporary and permanent orders of protection, divorce, custody, and visitation. Our clients’ family law matters are often inseparable from their immigration and social service needs.

Holistic Case Management Services:

In order to help our clients truly find justice, Tahirih’s in-house social work staff links our clients to shelter, mental health services, employment related services, food pantries, and other services in order to support their efforts to gain safety, greater independence, and control over their lives. Working from a strengths-based perspective, we empower our clients to use their self-determination to make thoughtful and life-fulfilling decisions, achieve safety, and build a stable, violence-free future.Tahirih actively partners with auxiliary service providers and like-minded organizations in the communities we serve to ensure that our clients can access services.

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