Tahirih Mission: Protecting, Advocating, Supporting, Empowering

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The Tahirih Justice Center works to protect immigrant women and girls seeking justice in the United States from gender-based violence. Leveraging both in-house and pro bono attorneys, we empower our clients to achieve justice and equality through holistic direct legal services and national public policy advocacy.

Our Approach

Tahirih has developed an innovative and comprehensive approach to address the acute and growing needs of immigrant women and girls fleeing violence that combines direct legal services, client-based public policy advocacy, and public education.

Through a coordinated effort, Tahirih seeks to ensure the protection and safety of our clients, as well as their long-term well-being, by raising their voices in the public policy arena, informing the public of the unique challenges immigrant survivors of violence face, and ultimately, creating lasting legal and social change.

To maximize the number of women and girls we can serve and to develop powerful public policy campaigns, Tahirih leverages an extensive amount of donated professional services. Tahirih has formalized a Pro Bono Attorney Network that includes over 1,000 attorneys from top law firms who represent cases free of charge. Based on this successful model, Tahirih has also developed a Pro Bono Medical Network to address the urgent medical needs of our clients, and a Public Policy Advisors to inform our efforts to bring about legal change to protect women and girls from violence.

The Power of Many

The people who power the Tahirih Justice Center — clients, board members, donors, pro bono attorneys, staff, volunteers, and other vital partners — tell you why they support Tahirih.

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Our model for service delivery protects the lives of the women and girls we serve, and despite the complex cases we litigate, we have maintained a 99% success rate. Additionally, we have achieved significant public policy victories—helping to shape policy and change laws—both nationally and locally. For our innovative approach and commitment to manage high-quality programs, Tahirih received the 2007 Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management, along with many other awards.




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The Tahirih Justice Center is an organization fueled by an outpouring of support from concerned individuals throughout the world. Your financial donations will enable us to continue protecting and providing care for vulnerable immigrant women and girls. From one-time donations, to sustaining contributions, to honorary gifts, there are a variety of ways to make a difference.

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