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Bighearted Campaign

Bighearted Campaign

The Tahirih Justice Center’s Bighearted Campaign is a fun, three-week effort taking place November 28-December 16, 2016 to raise funds for women and girls fleeing gender-based violence.

In this charitable season, we’re delighted to invite you to participate in supporting courageous women and girls! Our offices are joining forces to support women and girls across the country who are fighting for their right to a future free of violence.

We can’t do it without you.

This year we’re making it easy for you to get involved through our new fundraising page!

We need your support to raise $200,000 during this campaign that runs from November 28 to December 16. Over these three weeks, we’re asking you, our amazing supporters, to invite friends, family, and colleagues to make life-changing donations — big or small.

Now more than ever, we need to show how big our hearts are and how deeply we believe in the right of every woman and girl to live in safety and with dignity, across the country.

Every $5,000 raised saves a life, providing a year’s worth of free legal and social services to a woman or girl who needs to rebuild her life in the wake of violence.

You are key to making this Bighearted Campaign the best one yet, and you can find everything you need to be a rock star fundraiser in our Bighearted Campaign Toolkit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should colleagues choose “Join Team” or “Donate” on our team page?
    If your colleagues would like to create their own individual fundraising page with a personal fundraising goal, which they can invite family members and friends to donate to, they would click “Join Team” and create their own page. All dollars raised on their individual fundraising pages will go towards the team goal, as well. If they would simply like to make a donation directly to the team page, they should click “Donate.”
  2. How can they donate anonymously?
    If they would like to remain anonymous, they should click “Donate” and select the anonymous checkbox on the donation page.
  3. What if people who are at different office locations want to donate to our firm page?
    On the donation page, there is a question asking to which Tahirih office the donor would like their donation to be sent, so anyone from any area of the country can donate to your team page and choose a Tahirih office or “no preference.”
  4. Can we have a general firm page rather than one specific to our location?
    Yes, your firm page can be a general page. If you haven’t set the page up yet, you don’t have to make the team name location specific and you can select “No preference” for the question asking about which Tahirih office donations should be sent to. If you have already created your team page, you can go to the “Manage” section of your team page, then “Details” and edit your team name and change your answer to “No preference” for the Tahirih office.