E-Forum for Attorneys

Tahirih’s E-Forum for Attorneys is a service provided to attorneys who are part of Tahirih’s Pro Bono Attorney Network and are handling cases for Tahirih. E-Forum is a password-protected website that contains training and support materials for attorneys working on pro bono cases. A username and password are required to access this site. Please email legal@tahirih.org to get your information.

Login in now to E-Forum.

Note: The first time you log on to E-Forum you will be prompted to install eRoom software. Please install the software and proceed to username and password.

Pro Bono Attorney Network

Tahirih’s Pro Bono Attorney Network is designed to be “user friendly” for potential pro bono attorneys, regardless of his or her previous immigration law experience. In addition to providing access to E-Forum, Tahirih provides immigration law training and assigns each case to a Tahirih attorney who will “co-counsel” on the case and provide pro bono attorneys with on-going mentorship. Tahirih sends out a monthly E-LERT with cases available for representation and research projects on legal issues of interest. Tahirih also provides case-management support along with in-house social and medical service referrals to ensure that client needs are met holistically and to ensure that the pro bono attorneys can spend their time on the legal aspects of a case.

If you would like to know more about E-Forum, have questions about your username or password, or would like to know more about our Pro Bono Attorney Network, please email legal@tahirih.org.