Public Policy Advisors

Pro Bono Policy Champions Increase Tahirih’s Impact

Tahirih significantly increases our capacity to bring about systemic changes to better protect women and girls from violence through the frequent use of donated professional services. Tahirih relies on our public policy champions to assist with a wide range of projects, which may require anything from an intense quick turnaround to a sustained long-haul commitment. Many are practicing attorneys at law firms already representing clients as part of our Pro Bono Attorney Network, but in addition, government relations and communications professionals, as well as other kinds of seasoned advisors, are regularly tapped to enhance Tahirih’s advocacy capacity and expertise. Tahirih has formed a Public Policy Council to recognize and formalize these pro bono relationships.

These wide-ranging and far-reaching contributions include:

Impact litigation:
Strategic assistance:
Complex research and analysis:
Preparation of public comments:
Public education and outreach:
Media advice:
Compliance counseling:

These are just some of the ways in which our private sector allies have enabled us to leverage our limited in-house advocacy resources.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting more involved with Tahirih’s public policy advocacy, learn about Tahirih’s Public Policy Council, a group of committed Tahirih supporters who have come together to provide financial support and leverage resources for Tahirih’s pioneering advocacy initiatives. You can also email, or, sign up to receive updates on Advocating for Justice.