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The Tahirih Justice Center works to protect immigrant women and girls seeking justice in the United States from gender-based violence. Tahirih’s innovative and comprehensive approach leverages pro bono resources to provide a combination of legal services, advocacy, and public education programs. Through this coordinated effort, Tahirih seeks to ensure the protection and safety of our clients, as well as their long-term well-being by raising their voices in the public policy arena, informing the public of the unique challenges immigrant survivors of violence face, and, ultimately, creating lasting legal and social change.

The Tahirih Justice Center is an organization fueled by an outpouring of support from concerned individuals throughout the world. Your financial donations will enable us to continue protecting and providing care for vulnerable immigrant women and girls. From one-time donations, to sustaining contributions, to honorary gifts, there are a variety of ways to make a difference.

Story of Impact

Tahirih Applauds Critical Legislation to Reform US Asylum System

Tahirih has worked to draw attention to the challenges facing women and girls who seek protection under the current US asylum system, and we applaud and deeply appreciate the recent introduction of critical legislation that would greatly assist Tahirih’s clients.
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Amplifying the Voices of Immigrant Women and Girls

Through an unusual approach to advocacy that is rooted in our direct services experiences, Tahirih seeks to amplify the voices of the women and girls we serve in critical public policy debates at the federal, state, and local levels on issues that directly impact them. Tahirih’s intimate understanding of the abuse suffered by our clients provides unique insights that enable us to design and execute effective campaigns for systemic change and the long-term protection of women and girls.

We recognize most organizations focus on either direct services or public policy advocacy; Tahirih is unusual in our commitment to engage in both, providing a critical bridge between direct services and national advocacy organizations. Tahirih is a leader in a range of public policy debates affecting immigrant women and girls and has developed, over the last decade, the following primary public policy focus areas:

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